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The Human Manager Workshop:

Elevate Your Managers with Holistic Leadership Skills

Designed to elevate managers of all experience levels, to think as well rounded leaders who can build a positive and supportive environment. We help managers pause & reflect for self improvement and, equip them with skills and tools to overcome modern management challenges.

Who it's for?
Managers and leaders with experience: Learn what it means to be a people manager in the modern context.
Managers and leaders new to management: A bootcamp to navigating the uncharted territory of team management.
Managers and leaders struggling with remote/hybrid team management: Crash course to take your leadership to new heights

Program Overview

The Human Manager Workshop is a six-session program that covers a range of topics essential for effective leadership:

    • Session 1: Introduction

      Create a safe space
      Establish expectations
      Objective setting
    • Session 2: Core Leadership Skills

      Visionary communication : Articulate the organization's vision and explain the “why” behind decisions and changes in a compelling way.
      Authentic leadership : Be vulnerable, open about strengths and weaknesses, and model the organization's values through actions.
      Strategic thinking and direction : Analyze market trends, anticipate challenges, and set clear goals for the team.
      Client and stakeholder management : Build strong relationships with clients, partners, and other stakeholders, representing the team and organization effectively.
    • Session 3: Building Your Team

      Empathy and care : Show genuine concern for the well-being of team members, creating a supportive and understanding environment.
      Motivational leadership : Inspire and motivate team members to achieve their full potential, setting challenging yet achievable goals.
      Communication and feedback : Provide clear, regular, and constructive feedback to help team members learn and grow.
      Career champion : Advocate for team members' career aspirations, connect them with opportunities, and champion their growth within the organization.
    • Session 4: Driving Performance

      Drive innovation : Encourage risk-taking, experimentation, and out-of-the-box thinking to solve challenges and seize new opportunities.
      Teamwork and collaboration : Break down silos, encourage open communication and knowledge sharing, and build trusting relationships within the team.
      Continuous learning : Keep up-to-date with industry trends, embrace new technologies, and encourage a culture of lifelong learning within the team.
      Agility : Keep the team focused and moving forward, while adapting to changing circumstances with agility, prioritization, and delegation.
    • Session 5: Expanding Your Influence

      Community and social responsibility : Encourage team involvement in community initiatives and promote social responsibility within the organization.
      Diversity and inclusion : Create a culture that values and respects diversity of thought, background, and experience.
      Global perspective : Understand the global business landscape and its impact on the organization and the team.
    • Session 6: Putting It All Together

      Action planning
      Habit forming
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Experiential learning

Engage in real-world scenarios, simulations, and case studies. Gain actionable managerial skills.

Community-based learning

Connect in a peer-learning setting, ideal for collaborative problem-solving and networking.

4-module track

Digestible sessions for effective learning and application in your professional life.

24-pax cohorts

Limited seats ensure personalized attention and active participation.

Tools and workbooks

Propel self-growth and introspection with our curated resources.

Past Impacts

Reported “ 80% increase in awareness of modern leadership qualities ”

Reported “ 80% increase in confidence with team motivation skills manage motivation of their teams ”

Our Benchmark
We outperform the industry average with a
star rating, making us the top choice for experieintial training
Baseline improvement Guranteed.

1. Who is this workshop for?

To help those HR leaders who are trying to bring their manager cohort into the modern management context. This workshop is designed for managers and leaders at all experience levels, from those new to management to seasoned veterans navigating the complexities of modern teams.

2. What are the benefits of attending?

You'll gain a holistic understanding of modern leadership, develop essential skills to build and motivate teams, and learn to overcome challenges in remote/hybrid work environments.

3. What is the format of the workshop?

The Human Manager Workshop is a four module program delivered in a digestible, 6 sessions. This can be spaced out according to your design. - space it out over 6 weeks or crunch it into 2 days.

4. Does the workshop cover remote/hybrid team management?

Absolutely! Session 3 includes a crash course specifically designed to address the unique challenges of leading remote and hybrid teams. Also, while the core program is designed for a phyicial set up, there is a virtual version to.

5. Can the program be customized for my organization?

Absolutely! We can tailor the program content and simulations to address your specific needs.

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