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It is challenging to get the best talent onboard and even harder to hold onto your best resources.

We exist to turn the tide in your favour.

Stand out from the competition by create attractive value propositions and engaging your employees experientially. Uphold the ‘People Pillar’ of your success story with our HR consulting services.
Uphold the ‘People Pillar’ of your success story with our HR consulting services.

The Genuine, People Focused Manager Strategy

Modern work demands an evolution of the Manager role, leaving many HR teams struggling to effectively support them with their capability transformation.
We help you secure HR success by empowering your managers.
Ensure your managers drive employee experience and HR goals through a comprehensive Manager Strategy.

Secure Long-Term
Employee Engagement

Enhance Your Employee engagement with Empowered Managers

Elevate Your Managers with our Human Manager Learning Journey

Champion Employee
Experience, Retain Your Best

Overburdened HR teams often find it challenging to propagate organisational purpose or promote internal mobility and well-being.
We will be your extended team!
By rooting Employee Experience in your EVP, we help you bring your organizational culture, purpose, and proposition to life at all the MTMs of the Employee Life Cycle. Build an engaged workforce that drives your success story every day.

Build an engaged workforce that drives your success story every day.

Your Top 3 MTMs Quickly

Unleash the Full Potential
of Your EVP

Realign Your Employee Experience Strategy

Build an Employer Brand Your Employees Love

We believe that employee stories are the employer brand. But burnt out HR teams often struggle to keep up with the demands of employer branding. Does your current strategy lack focus and consist of a jumbled collection of unaligned initiatives?
We exist to help you change that
We will customize talent-driven branding solutions that are rooted in authentic Employee Experiences to help you transform your brand’s journey.

Deploy Compelling Experiences,
Create Key Moments

Deliver Impactful Campaigns, Give a stage for Your Employee Value Proposition

Craft a Robust and
Purposeful Employer Brand

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Being a Business For Good, we are dedicating ourselves to bridging gaps in the lives of underprivileged children around the world. We have aligned all our primary business activities to impact several projects spread out globally. So when anything good happens at d’frens, something good happens in the world!

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