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Closer than ever

Find out how a multinational professional services organization imparted a memorable graduation for their new seniors, completely digital across multiple geographies and business units using our HR solutions

The challenge

The client wanted to organize their annual learning workshop (New Senior Program) in 2020, but with venues where people can congregate no longer viable options, another way had to be devised of bringing 2200 employees from across the world onto a common shared platform.

The approach

d’frens was selected to run the client’s workshop with d’frens designing the experience, content and conceptualizing the workshop. To support the scale and spread of the project, d’frens developed an app-based engagement that delivered flexible and gamified learning experiences.


Stepping up a whole new group of seniors to a new role not only became a memorable learning intervention for the employees, but the HR solutions offered strengthened the L&D team’s reputation as a game changer.