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All aboard

See how a technology giant onboarded new members to their organization with more than just an inspiring welcome

The challenge

With the pandemic affecting the client as much as anyone else, they had to find new ways of communicating their key tenets of Collaboration, Influence & Persuasion and Creativity & Innovation to new hires across the APAC region.

The approach

d’frens created a 9 hours experiential workshop across 3 days, where we curated content for Collaboration, Influence & Persuasion and Creativity & Innovation. The key focus to create high levels of engagement and to deliver the messaging powerfully. d’frens also proposed a self evaluation assessment (based on Big Five personality traits that are basic domains or dimensions used to describe human personality) which helped the participants assess themselves.


While the participants internalized the client’s value system in a short while, it also reinforced the fact that despite the odds, virtual learning can promote a human-centric work culture and produce the results that participants and their organizations seek.