Virtual Teaming

Helping distributed teams stay engaged, stay together and stay on top through virtual teaming

"To collaborative team members, completing one another is more important than competing with one another."

John C. Maxwell

Leveraging virtual teaming to help people grow stronger together

With 15 years of expertise in developing team-building activities and delivering ‘Phy-Digital’ experiences for several global-scale corporations, we understand the importance of engaging people virtually to bring about the required emotional connect and interactions through seamless delivery of services.

By employing gamification, the right technological platform, and the science of engagement, we ensure that you can provide value to your teams through various virtual team building activities. 

We work with you to build the perfect framework, incorporating a mix of communication, engagement, feedback, and measurement methods to create the most enriching virtual experiences.

Transformation in action | Virtual Teaming Case Study

Onwards as one

Understand how a virtual teaming challenge was converted into an Employer Brand win by this technology company

The challenge

This 90 employee team was carved out of a larger tech team that used to work as a single business unit earlier. The nature of the work required them to work collaboratively with each other. With 50% of the team hired during lockdown, the organization foresaw reduced opportunities for peer to peer engagement and micro-learning resulting in the formation of small but strong silos. This needed to be prevented from happening!

The approach

The cornerstone of the approach was humanizing the team – by designing an activity that required participants to communicate and share information unique to them, but relevant to the rest of the group. Throughout the rest of the virtual team building game, participants were forced to swap roles and had to seek help or support teammates in order to progress. Additionally, participants realized that teams only succeed when the group eventually succeeds as well.


The 90 minute experience had several takeaways—empathy with team members, building trust, a willingness to initiate conversations, ask for help and being receptive to ideas and suggestion. People moved away from internally competing to collaborating as a group. Most importantly, the client’s EVP was authenticated in their Employee Experience through the virtual teaming activity resulting in a deeper connection with the Employer Brand.

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