Values and Behaviour

Bringing organisational values and behaviour to life in a way that is relevant to work every day

"The culture of a company is the sum of the behaviors of all its people"

Michael Kouly

Values and Behaviour Framework: Nurturing thought and conduct that is all pervasive

We believe that organisations can’t purely operate based on goals and objectives. To achieve the highest potential and limitless growth there needs to be a synchronisation of efforts and behaviours, and a sense of bonding between employees and the organisation. 

To make this possible, establishing the core values of an organisation goes a long way. Not only does it help define a code of conduct for employees but also brings forth a cultural transformation where everyone brings their best to the table and works together as a single unit.

To bring about the same transformation, we incorporate our Values and Behaviour framework and work with you to guide leaders, managers, and employees on a journey where values become more than statements and are visible in everyday interactions and organisational behaviours. By driving meaningful reinforcements at key touchpoints, we ensure that the value system of your organisation is strongly specified, communicated, and implemented in dynamic ways to translate into impactful actions.  

Transformation in action | Values and Behaviour Framework Case Study

The straight line between values and victory

See how a major airport infrastructure company leveraged our R.E.A.L. framework of communication to percolate their new vision and values stack

The challenge

A change in leadership kicked off a changed vision and values stack. While the vision was well received and articulated by the CEO, the challenge for our HR client was to ensure that the values were percolated across all levels of the organization.

The approach

A key element of the campaign was first creating ownership among the managers to then activate a systemic change through our proprietary R.E.A.L. framework of communication:
• Raise Awareness
• Educate Audience
• Amplify Purpose
• Leverage Advocacy

d’frens devised High Flyer—a values campaign that addressed each tier of the organization. Helping employees learn and live values everyday at work, the 5 month long campaign included floor walks, escape room experiences, live examples through improv exercises with the campaign reaching its crescendo when a 300 sq. ft. mural created collectively by employees was revealed.


d’frens garnered a total of 1978 touch points from the universe of 500 employees – i.e., each employee participated in 3-4 touch points during the 5 months. The campaign received a consistent high approval rating and the crowning moment was the absorption of the values rated at 4.5/5 by each function, thereby driving a values and behaviour transformation.

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Sunil Singh,
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