Diversity and Inclusion

Internalising the idea that it takes all of us to succeed by inculcating a true practice of diversity and inclusion

"When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization."

Pat Wadors

Creating progressive environments with respect, empathy, diversity and inclusion

We work with experts and community leaders to develop programs and policies that can help organisations bring their people together and foster a workplace environment that builds forward thinking individuals. With a focus on removing conscious and unconscious bias, we facilitate development of diversity and inclusion at the workplace by encouraging interactions that promote the growth of great individuals, great icons, and great companies. All this to create a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity that drives successful and impactful employer branding.

Transformation in action | Diversity and Inclusion Case Study

Embracing positive change

Read about how a multinational retail giant weeded out unconscious bias using our proprietary change framework

The challenge

The degree of unconscious bias among the employees of this multinational retail giant had reached unprecedented levels and the challenge was helping employees consciously understand their own unconscious biases in order to live the values, culture, and beliefs of the organization.

The approach

d’frens deployed its proprietary 4 level LPRC framework to bring about grassroot change among the employees. The four dimensions of the framework are:
Learn: Where people became cognizant of unconscious bias.
Play: Where people can safely enact scenarios and test theories that provided the foundation required for subsequent stages.
Reflect: Using learning and experience to enable deep introspection so one can initiate the process of holding oneself accountable.
Change: Experiencing aha moments that help internalize and reinforce positive behavior.


830 participants went through a 6 week long intervention where game theory was employed to create a app based challenge that not only invited them into a story and engaged them competitively, but also brought out unconscious bias that they themselves exhibited in a non-accusatory manner.
Bolstering this experience was a series of workshops and short, impactful videos that amplified need, elaborated on how they themselves would benefit from dropping these biases, and create a more inclusive workplace culture.
28% less escalations were reported in the 8 weeks post campaign.

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What our customers think

We’ve brought value to our customers. As always, we’re grateful for their appreciation.

“Aiming to build a learning culture, they not only helped us with our plans but also added value to make it much bigger and a huge success”

Sunil Singh,
Reliance Industries Ltd.

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“d’frens helped us identify our brand identity, clarify our message and revived our organization. Their expertise and agility guided us to become a brand we are proud of!”

Stuart Harris,
Growth Academy Asia, Hong Kong