Manager Development and Empowerment

Enabling leaders with the clarity of vision and purpose they need to secure results by facilitating manager development

"You don't build a business, you build people, then people build the business."

Zig Ziglar

Aligning leaders with organisational goals through manager development

We empower managers in their organisations by instilling them with a sense of purpose, alignment with the company, and by making them feel truly responsible for their people and the work that they do. Moreover, we work to help them realise their impact and power in an organisation so they can be confident and effective in building their team’s performance. 

Managers are accountable for creating workplace environments where employees feel they can trust their bosses and approach them for feedback and attention. Keeping this in mind, we focus our attention on manager development to transform leaders so they can create a culture of open communication, transparency, and bonding in the organisation where employees feel motivated, engaged, and effective at their jobs. All of this translates into positive employee experiences and also helps improve employer branding.

Transformation in action | Manager Development and Empowerment Case Study

The high level view for people at the top

Learn how an F&B major employed technology for manager development and empowerment, and create a more efficient internal communication platform

The challenge

Our F&B major client wanted to organically elevate managers from going beyond managing and possessing technical skills to building a comprehensive outlook in nurturing manager-reportee relationships with focus on open dialogue.

The approach

d’frens recommended a communication and socialization app, exclusive to managers which provided a platform that facilitated open dialogue and information hosting and exchange. The app became a repository of all official internal communications and was a focal point of campaigns intended for manager groups. Engagement on the app was augmented through gamified experiences that were created on an ongoing basis.


The app helped shape perspectives in developing management skills and breaking out of the old mold. A sense of community started to evolve with managers sharing real day to day examples of how being a manager means a lot more things. By understanding the pulse of the group, the client’s HR team could alter the form official communication took, time it right and create more adoption of initiatives focused to uplift their managers and their reportees.

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“Aiming to build a learning culture, they not only helped us with our plans but also added value to make it much bigger and a huge success”

Sunil Singh,
Reliance Industries Ltd.

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Stuart Harris,
Growth Academy Asia, Hong Kong