Employer branding

Creating an authentic and differentiated employer brand that employees can rally behind

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek

Projecting brand values inwards and outwards

We work with you to communicate your proficiency as an employer to the market in a positive and highly impactful manner.

By understanding and auditing your current standing as an employer, we assess and formulate a customised employer branding plan for your organisation.

We implement unique employer marketing experiences, help set up systems to facilitate employee advocacy, and use technology and the digital world to drive these efforts to ensure that your employer branding is made desirable to employees and prospective employees alike.

Transformation in action

Using history to
shape the future

See how d’frens helped a leading enterprise IT company get in touch with their roots.

The challenge

Although the client is a leading information technology company that has innovated and developed products that have impacted multiple industries and the lives of millions of people, the R&D teams at their Bangalore facility had little to no knowledge of the company’s glorious heritage. 

The approach

D’frens designed a calendar plan that can bring to life the essence of the EVP. The plan drove intent, pride, and passion among the employees and allow them to understand that they are working amongst highly skilled professionals in a culture has always focused on ground breaking innovation. 

A show and tell approach was used to turn employees in to advocates; along with the execution of a scalable, measurable and experiential plan that appealed to the multi-generational workforce.

Anything experiential can definitely be measured. And we built smart mechanisms to measure physical, phy-gital & virtual experiences. The icing on the cake is when we got a medal at the top industry events for this experience.


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What our customers think

We’ve brought value to our customers. As always, we’re grateful for their appreciation.

“Aiming to build a learning culture, they not only helped us with our plans but also added value to make it much bigger and a huge success”

Sunil Singh,
Reliance Industries Ltd.

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“d’frens helped us identify our brand identity, clarify our message and revived our organization. Their expertise and agility guided us to become a brand we are proud of!”

Stuart Harris,
Growth Academy Asia, Hong Kong