Employee Onboarding

Enabling new hire onboarding to get them up to speed with the organization and its culture 

"Our objective is to take our onboarding practices to the next level and to give each and every employee, from the moment they arrive, the keys to succeed in full alignment with company values such as multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion."

Laurent Reich

Hit the ground running by leveraging employee onboarding

Going beyond the typical frameworks, we employ our 15 years of experience bringing employees and companies together through dynamic onboarding experiences that work for your organisation. Having provided onboarding services on a global scale to multinational corporations, we understand the relevance of cultural sensitivity in creating the appropriate engagement and learning opportunities for employees world over. This means introducing fresh ideas implementable in the virtual world and packaging and delivering it using models that give your new hires an on-ground as well as a virtual onboarding experience that is clear, yet high on impact.

The onboarding process is more than welcoming talent into the organisation and running them through the company’s code of conduct. It’s about seamlessly easing talent into the culture of the organisation, laying the foundation from which deep connections, and the knowledge required to thrive in their new roles can be built. It is the first crucial step towards retaining your best talent for the long-haul.

Transformation in action | Employee Onboarding Case Study

All aboard

See how a technology giant onboarded new members to their organization with more than just an inspiring welcome

The challenge

With the pandemic affecting the client as much as anyone else, they had to find new ways of communicating their key tenets of Collaboration, Influence & Persuasion and Creativity & Innovation to new hires across the APAC region.

The approach

d’frens created a 9 hours experiential workshop across 3 days, where we curated content for Collaboration, Influence & Persuasion and Creativity & Innovation. The key focus to create high levels of engagement and to deliver the messaging powerfully. d’frens also proposed a self evaluation assessment (based on Big Five personality traits that are basic domains or dimensions used to describe human personality) which helped the participants assess themselves.


While the participants internalized the client’s value system in a short while, it also reinforced the fact that despite the odds, virtual learning can promote a human-centric work culture and produce the results that participants and their organizations seek.

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What our customers think

We’ve brought value to our customers. As always, we’re grateful for their appreciation.

“Aiming to build a learning culture, they not only helped us with our plans but also added value to make it much bigger and a huge success”

Sunil Singh,
Reliance Industries Ltd.

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“d’frens helped us identify our brand identity, clarify our message and revived our organization. Their expertise and agility guided us to become a brand we are proud of!”

Stuart Harris,
Growth Academy Asia, Hong Kong