Turn the tide

At a time when people are exiting in droves, here's how HR can turn things around.

The new supernormal

The nature of work and how it is organised has been disrupted.

Employers will want to return to old ways but employees want a revision of the rules of engagement. This inflection point provides HR with an opportunity that we can help you leverage.

The great reset.

What HR must do

To satisfy all stakeholders, HR must rethink how they listen to and engage with employees, not just now but also into the future.
To do that, HR must first understand the disconnect between employers and employees before taking the action necessary to bridge the gap.

Employee experience

New expectations. New opportunities.

d’frens can help you move from a traditional command and control structure to a model that offers deeper connections with your people. Together, we can create a culture that provide authentic, personalised experiences where employees feel involved, inspired, connected and respected.

The triad of transformation

A framework for change

With our proven framework you can—

• Understand motivators and develop compelling offerings

• Adapt your employee experience to evidence these offerings across employee lifecycle

• Build employee advocacy programs to enhance the value of your brand as an employer

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You will also position yourself to

Grow limitless

d’frens exists to help turn your limitless potential into outcomes

through reimagining—

Find the right resource for you!

Discover the right service, insight, and solution for your needs.


What our customers think

We’ve brought value to our customers. As always, we’re grateful for their appreciation.

“Aiming to build a learning culture, they not only helped us with our plans but also added value to make it much bigger and a huge success”

Sunil Singh,
Reliance Industries Ltd.

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“d’frens helped us identify our brand identity, clarify our message and revived our organization. Their expertise and agility guided us to become a brand we are proud of!”

Stuart Harris,
Growth Academy Asia, Hong Kong

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