Empowering Managers | Renewing Sense of Purpose Within Team

With employees losing their sense of purpose because of remote work and the pandemic, it's important that managers take relevant actions to correct this. All by leveraging their team members' 'What's In It For Me'!

The hardest obstacle that managers have faced while working in the remote setting is watching their team members lose the sense of purpose and feelings of relevancy, especially during the pandemic. And while this problem manifests itself in unique ways – low morale, unwillingness to collaborate, lack of motivation, no interest in tasks assigned – it’s harder to solve.

In this quick video, we break down 3 simple ways in which you can make use of your team members’ ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM) to not only renew their sense of purpose but also motivate them to do their best! Check it out:

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