Training and Development Needs Complete Overhaul, Now!

With changing times, it becomes pertinent that we reassess the learning and development initiatives of our organization. So as to ensure that the right learning paths are made available for the employees in the right manner.

What according to you is your organization’s biggest asset? One that lends the most to the highs and also possibly the lows of your success? The way we see it, you may have the best of resources, the best of technology, and the most efficient business model and operational plan in place; but at the end of the day, what makes or breaks this operation are your employees. And you need to give them opportunities to keep improving through training and development initiatives. So they can continue to drive impact for your business. 

This becomes even more important today. It’s very apparent that only those companies who adapt quickly and efficiently to sudden disruptions can maintain their position in the market. And the way to reach that stage of dynamicity is by enabling your employees to learn new skills and acquire advanced ways of functioning! 

After all, they are the ones that put your organization’s big-picture plans into action. And having skilled talent that knows how to grow with the changing times is going to be a game-changer.  

But in a world brimming with constant shifts, this can prove to be difficult. 

The inability of your employees to achieve new goals, adopt new tools, or even interact efficiently with the current virtual and digital realities can be damaging. Leading to reduced confidence, diminished capabilities, and decreased performance standards. And this is where we believe you as a leader need to step in. To help them adapt to new technologies, changing methodologies, as well as new ways of performing. So as to inculcate a true culture of learning, and training and development.

In our view, the most important enabler in this journey will be the use of new-age technology supported by the right strategy.  All to deliver seamless, engaging, virtual, and easy learning paths to your employees in the most social manner. 

What’s more? In the post-Covid world, you will need to be cognizant of the fact that your organization’s L&D efforts can’t just be limited to your employees’ KRAs. Instead, they must address the changing workplace models. So as to encompass key moments of transition, such as shifting to remote working, operating in a hybrid workplace, and ensuring the best path when returning to the physical workspace. 

But the biggest problem that you must solve is optimizing the learning paths to fit in an increasingly virtual environment

The mode of delivering training can never be the same as it was a year ago. The opportunity to engage with the trainees face-to-face has already become rare. And so, you need to incorporate other tools and mechanisms that make their journey of discovery as engaging as ever. This may mean incorporating the best of technology – like gamification, robotics, and artificial intelligence – to inject socialization into the mix. 

Yes, these measures are easier said than done. But they do lay out the path forward. And here comes the most crucial realization; the road towards impact-generating L&D initiatives will have to begin with the training and development journey of your own HR Team! After all, they will be the ones designing and implementing these efforts. 

This will lead you and your organization to cultivate a rich and purposeful culture of learning. Where employees feel engaged, innovative, and driven to deliver high performance even when through disruptions. Because they will be equipped to do so. 

If you feel the need to further discuss the process and implications of employing effective learning paths in your organization, write to us at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to get talking!

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