3 Measures for Successful Culture Transformation

Your organization's culture has never been as important as it is today! Which is why, a culture transformation that takes into account the changing times is a must to show your employees the way forward.

The world is changing and how! And this change is harboring an urgent need for organizations to transform. Not only in the way they operate but also on a more granular level, concerning the day-to-day interactions of their employees that closely relate to the organization’s culture. This is why culture transformation is no longer a requirement for a few organizations who wish to realign themselves to their new values and goals. Instead, it is the need of the hour for all organizations, especially considering the disruptions of 2020 that impacted all of us and changed the very essence of our workplace. Because in such dynamic times, only your organizational culture can support your employees to continue to be passionate and motivated at work. 

And having seen multiple organizations undergo this transformation, we have realized that at the core of every culture transformation lies the desire to improve workplace culture. One that provides real value to the people subscribing to it, and that makes others aspire to be a part of it. 

But this is easier said than done. Which is why we have identified 3 key measures that worked wonders for our clients, as well as organizations world over who initiated their own culture transformation.

1. Leadership’s investment in culture transformation 

A successful culture transformation only begins when you recognize the need for the same. Organizations that do not acknowledge this requirement cannot continue to grow towards their limitless potential. But those who do, go on to effectively facilitate a series of steps to improve every aspect of their working, from employee motivation to customer loyalty. 

So what does this first measure entail? 

It mainly deals with identifying the various aspects that make up your culture, including your organization’s values, policies, initiatives, etc. And analyzing them in reference to the current climate and the evolving needs of your employees. 

Once you do this, you will start to see the key challenges that your culture faces, and can then start working towards solving them and filling the gap. 

But remember, this stage can only be successful when the leadership is actively involved in the process. As seen in research conducted by Bain & Company, only 12% of the organizations that set out to transform their culture are able to achieve their targets. And a big reason for this low figure is the lack of leadership’s dedication towards the initiative. So make sure that the key leaders of your organization feel invested enough to carry forward the next measures required.

2. Translate the big picture into everyday implementations

Once you have identified the key areas of improvement and looped in the leadership and management, you need to figure out the right strategy that can help your employees seamlessly transition into the transformed culture. This means aligning the ongoing efforts with key areas of your business. 

It’s simple. You cannot hope to bring out an organization-wide cultural improvement unless you align all other processes such as learning & development, appraisal, recruitment, employee experience, compensation, etc. with it. This means you must define achievable goals for each of these processes so as to bring them in tandem with the culture transformation. So that from the leadership to the new recruits, all experience the same culture. 

3. Make your employees an active part of the transformation

As per our observation, it is at this stage that most organizations lose momentum and negatively impact their culture transformation process. 

A key aspect of change management is ensuring people within the system feel in line with the ongoing changes. And similarly, even with culture transformation, your employees must be engaged in a way that they become an integral part of the culture transformation itself. 

This ensures two things: 

  • One, they don’t feel like they are outsiders in their own organization.
  • And two, they feel more invested in this journey and as a result, become active drivers of the transformation. 

Thus, you must ensure you design their experiences in ways that allow them to contribute to the changes happening within the organization. Moreover, this will further drive them to actively advocate for the newly transformed culture, both within and outside the organization!

Now we know building a positive work culture can be challenging. Even more so when the world around us is drastically evolving. But it can be done! And it can be done by understanding your people, their behavior, and the aspirations that drive those behaviors.  And aligning those to the culture and value pillars of your organization. Because only that culture which has transformed with the times, to stay ahead of the curve, can derive the very best out of its employees.

So remember the adage, culture eats strategy for breakfast! And if you haven’t yet contemplated the need for your organization to undergo a culture transformation, the time to start is now! Feel free to connect with us if you want to discuss in detail just how you can get started on this journey! Write to [email protected].

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